Yazd Cultivators Company has a history of more than two decades in the field of design and implementation of greenhouse structures and monitoring the planting, maintenance and harvesting of greenhouse products and the sale of all equipment, agricultural and greenhouse inputs.

In short, during its activity of more than two decades, it has succeeded in obtaining the following certificates and certificates. Has been a company.

  • Sample producer of the province in the agricultural sector in 1379
    Membership in the Iranian Greenhouse Makers Association, the first manufacturer and operator of modern and portable greenhouses in Yazd province
    Certificate of recognition of qualification and ranking of legal contractor (from the Organization of Agricultural Engineering and Natural Resources of Yazd Province) in the field of greenhouse and horticulture
    Creating and maintaining green space
    Certificate of qualification and ranking (from the Provincial Management and Planning Organization) in the field of contracting
    Model Legal Member (Model Contractor) of Agricultural Engineering and Natural Resources Organization of Yazd Province in 2004
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